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Colour Inspirations

Natural Whites

Despite the easing of lockdowns, those sunny beach holidays and planned vacations may remain very much postponed. To bring a little welcome optimism into your home, this month’s palette is inspired by the natural and bright outdoors. Fresh sea air, rays of sunlight and vast sandy beaches are evoked where warm, softly cocooning Moon Drop meets radiant Little Dove and a smooth Hint of Vanilla, whilst a cooler duo, Bonaire and White Kitten add a pleasing clean and fresh feel.

Take a Moment

Life as we know it is looking very different, and as we try to navigate a ‘new-normal’ it’s only to be expected that much still feels uncertain. With this in mind it is important to take time out, to breathe, clear our heads and relax. What better way to achieve this than to transform your tired bathroom into a calm and reassuring space to unwind and take a well-deserved respite.

This month’s offering is the perfect palette for just that. A trio of sun faded neutrals radiate as they gently shift in warmth. A glowing and luxurious pink evocative of Himalayan bath salts adds depth to the palette whilst an off-white, highlights and adds clarity.

Blissful Blues

With lock downs and social distancing very much a part of everyday life, many of us are still spending most of our time at home. Transforming your interior spaces right now is a welcome and productive distraction, and the results will give your spirits a lift!

Inspired by natural elements, this month’s palette focuses on the versatility of blues. Offering the dual power to calm and energize, three true blues from light to dark evoke oceans and endless skies. The addition of a softly warming neutral and a cooler off-white highlight this blue trio.

Update Your Guest Room

Experimenting with paint can be a really easy way to kick start a decorating project and with our selection of easy to use colours you will be able to update your guest room in time for the new year festivities. Guest rooms should have universal appeal but can also be an area to try out new ideas. We can help make your visitors feel extra welcome in your home with our balanced palette of modern yet, timeless colours.

White Christmas

Embrace the beauty of a white winter with a silvery tonal palette. It is the perfect time to reappraise your home decor in time for the holidays and these snowy colours bring an elegant and contemporary feel. To create a truly welcoming ambience, pair these cooler hues with soft warm lighting, a roaring fire and modern decorations. Painting your walls does not need to just be for the holidays, update with these classic hues and feel the benefit all year round!

New Neutrals

Neutrals are the easiest palette for any home decorator, but how to make them look fresh, not flat? This season we have brought together a range of honest sandy colours and balanced them with calming blue tints and nuanced greys. This nature inspired harmony of warm and cool is an effortlessly stylish in any combination.

Colours for Autumn

As we leave the summer behind, and temperatures start to dip, we turn our thoughts to creating inviting spaces to feel warm and cocooned within. For inspiration look no further than the changing landscape outside as it turns from green through golden, russet and red. This palette of comforting and earthy colours reflects all of nature’s harmonious glory seen in the fall, bringing the outdoor splendour right into your home.

Back to School

The start of a new school year is the perfect opportunity to refresh their bedrooms, playrooms or study areas. With a dynamic and updated range of bright primary shades this palette reveals exciting combinations sure to please the pickiest children of any age.

Nautical Blues

As the Summer vacation season approaches we dream of an escape to the coast, and even if you are spending your time at home this summer we have the prefect colours to brighten up your surroundings. With the sea inspired blues of the palette you can create a fresh and calming sanctuary within your home. Follow our simple steps and advice to discover nautical blues for the warmer weather.

Summer Whites

An easy way to brighten up your home during Summer is to use light and refreshing colour and white or tinted whites can be a great way to achieve this. With a soft touch this palette has a delicate feel perfect for creating a calming atmosphere. Follow our simple steps and advice and discover the ultimate sanctuary within your home with these yellow, blue and pink tinted white shades.


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