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New Neutrals

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Neutrals are the easiest palette for any home decorator, but how to make them look fresh, not flat? This season we have brought together a range of honest sandy colours and balanced them with calming blue tints and nuanced greys. This nature inspired harmony of warm and cool is an effortlessly stylish in any combination.


Create a calming seating area with the charming combination of Melting Glacier and Diamond Stud. These cool and quiet neutrals create a chic background for dark textiles and accessories. Add a grounding warmth to the mix with Ocean Crest and try painting furniture for a tonal accent.


The perfect warming neutral for your bedroom, Moon Drop has a soft and comforting quality transforming a sleeping space into a sanctuary. As a balance to the cooler colours of the palette, Moon Drop creates a harmonious backdrop for modern bedframes and accessories in copper to enhance the warm undertones


For a modern mood, look to Melting Glacier and Angel Kiss; almost white with just a hint of colour, these hues are a vision of clarity and freshness. Apply to kitchen spaces and accent with tiling and accessories in black and grey with modern art prints for a clean and minimalist aesthetic.


This fresh collection of neutrals inspires new ideas on how to update your interiors. Complement the colours of the palette with natural ceramics for a relaxed mood, or pair with refined ornaments and metallic finishes for a luxurious feel. Mix and match the colours to build your own perfect combination of warm and cool neutrals for a perfectly harmonious paint scheme for the season.

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