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General Information

Paint Supplies
About Excelsior Paint

Our manufacturing process are subject to intense in-house scrutiny and the consistency of all our products is monitored in our own fully equipped laboratory supervised by an experienced team of paint technicians and quality control experts.

Commitment to Quality

Excelsior Paints has been a family business for more than 80 years. Based in Johannesburg, the company has grown with the city of gold and Gauteng - the commercial and manufacturing powerhouse of South Africa. Its success is mirrored in its status as the oldest, premier, independently-owned paint company in South Africa.

Guarantee & Registration

Excelsior Paints prides itself on it paint life guarantees. As part of our continuous drive to ensure quality products and service to you, we ask that you kindly complete the Life Expectancy Guarantee Registration within 30 days of purchase.

Excelsior Training
Training Centre

The Excelsior Academy of paint excellence is an integral part of the business, customers are trained up to the latest products Excelsior and offers...

Paint Tips & Solutions

Need some Excelsior expert paint tips and tricks??

Need a comprehensive solution to fix common paint problems??

We have solutions for you!

Construction Worker
Safety & Sustainability 

“We have undergone massive upgrades for our health and safety compliance, costing a lot of money, that doesn’t necessarily make you money, but is an investment for the future of the company and its workers....

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