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Back to School

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The start of a new school year is the perfect opportunity to refresh their bedrooms, playrooms or study areas. With a dynamic and updated range of bright primary shades this palette reveals exciting combinations sure to please the pickiest children of any age.


Use a base of Barely White for a grown-up feel and add pops of colour with Peeps and Dancing Sea. This gender-neutral scheme can develop as they mature, and with the neutral Barley White they can add their own stamp to their room. Let them help decorate using coloured furniture and lively prints to reflect their own personality.


Create an exciting study space with the vibrancy of Peeps. This strong yellow is perfect for a powerful feature wall and will brighten up any room. Combine this with the neutral shades of Barely White and Midnight Mist to balance the bright yellow and to create a sense of increased space and light.


Kids rooms are often messy, but a small sense of order can be restored with an application of a clean, neutral colour paint such as Barely White to bring calm back to the space. This colour works with almost any other but is especially lifted using Peeps and Tropical Heat in accented statement furniture pieces and textiles for a creative and fun feel.


This versatile palette offers a wealth of playful ideas to give a fresh start to the kid’s rooms in time for school. Use the adaptability of Barely White with accents of the strong bright shades to create stimulating work spaces or fun social areas. Alternatively apply bright shades such as Dancing Sea and Tropical Heat together for powerful combinations that are sure to bring personality to bedrooms or playrooms.

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