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Update Your Guest Room

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Experimenting with paint can be a really easy way to kick start a decorating project and with our selection of easy to use colours you will be able to update your guest room in time for the new year festivities. Guest rooms should have universal appeal but can also be an area to try out new ideas. We can help make your visitors feel extra welcome in your home with our balanced palette of modern yet, timeless colours.


Use a trio of blues to create a clean back drop in your space. The simplicity of Ocean Crest makes for the perfect base to build colourful accessories on top. Add textiles in bold patterns and a pop of brilliant Dancing Sea alongside the welcoming glow of warm lamp light to invite your guests into their own personal sanctuary.


Create a unique mood in your guest bedroom with Dancing Sea; this atmospheric blue lifts a feature wall or makes a stylish statement as an all over shade. Accent with the deep blue of Into the Stratosphere and a pop of Sun Drops and your most loved accessories for a complete look.


Bring a sense of serenity and boutique hotel ambience to your guest room with a combination of Into the Stratosphere and Ocean Crest. This blue partnership creates a simple monochrome for universal appeal. Accessorise with classic velvets and sleek white furniture to achieve a mood of chic modernity.


If you’re looking forward to hosting this New Year but feel your guest spaces are looking tired, make it easy for yourself with our tried and tested mix and match colours. With a perfect balance of colours you’ll have guest spaces to delight all year round, leaving you time to relax and enjoy the compliments! All it takes is paint in the perfect colour scheme to completely transform your spaces into something to be proud of!

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