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Nautical Blues

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

As the Summer vacation season approaches we dream of an escape to the coast, and even if you are spending your time at home this summer we have the prefect colours to brighten up your surroundings. With the sea inspired blues of the palette you can create a fresh and calming sanctuary within your home. Follow our simple steps and advice to discover nautical blues for the warmer weather.


For a clean yet restful living room space choose Mystic Fog. This tinted neutral works brilliantly with blue accents and can be used successfully in all over application. Mystic Fog brings a sense of clarity to a room and works well with a lot of natural light. Accessorise with textiles and large-scale prints in Star-Studded and Epimethius.


Discover something different for Summer with Epimethius, this bright blue shade has classic marine connotations and works beautifully with summery accessories such as eclectically mixed prints, textiles and flowers. Pair Epimethius with pops of Sea Foam Mist and Mystic Fog for a statement style renewal for your living room.


To create a tranquil mood in your bathroom, opt for Blue Bayou and Sea Foam Mist, these mid tone blues have an airy quality that is perfect to bring light into smaller washrooms. Accents can be kept light in Mystic Fog and combine with natural materials such as wood, linen and stone.


This versatile palette can either have a playful take on the nautical theme and be paired with seaside decorations or take a more sophisticated look with the deep blue of Star-Studded. Blues can be a new and exciting option for summer and can work in just about any part of a home. This palette can be combined in successfully tonal groupings to create zoned areas or as individually applied shades.

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