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Take a Moment

Monday, 20 July 2020

Life as we know it is looking very different, and as we try to navigate a ‘new-normal’ it’s only to be expected that much still feels uncertain. With this in mind it is important to take time out, to breathe, clear our heads and relax. What better way to achieve this than to transform your tired bathroom into a calm and reassuring space to unwind and take a well-deserved respite.

This month’s offering is the perfect palette for just that. A trio of sun faded neutrals radiate as they gently shift in warmth. A glowing and luxurious pink evocative of Himalayan bath salts adds depth to the palette whilst an off-white, highlights and adds clarity.


Create a spa inspired bathing space with this soothing and comforting paint duo. The gradation of warmth between Whale Bone and Oak Plank are a perfect color combination if you’re seeking a stress-alleviating atmosphere. Pair with clean white fixtures, natural wood and stone and finish with gentle rose-tinted accessories to draw out the soft blush tones in Oak Plank.


For a sophisticated update try this monochromatic look in your bathroom. Apply Angelic Choir all over to create an immersive space you can relax and escape into. The intense warmth and depth of this mid tone pink will create an overall feeling of comfort and security. Keep to this monotone theme and accessorize with the much lighter peach-toned neutral, Senior Moment for woven storage and towels.


Refresh guest washrooms with Senior Moment. Bringing gentle clarity to this month’s palette, this peach tinted pastel will softly uplift and energize your interiors. Apply Just about White to adjacent walls to boost this clean and clear style, and finish with furniture in untreated woods for added warmth.


Take advantage of this prolonged time we have at home and let this month’s palette transform your bathing spaces into calm and soothing environments for you to appreciate and retreat into.

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