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Colour Inspiration - May 2020

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Welcome to Excelsior Paints, a prominent paint manufacturer in South Africa. Our manufacturing processes undergo rigorous in-house scrutiny, and the consistent quality of all our products is closely monitored in our fully equipped laboratory. Our seasoned team of paint technicians and quality control experts oversees it.

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The Color Guild involves more than 55 independent paint manufacturers from 16 different countries who have combined interests to ensure the marketing, promotion, and selling of paint products meet the highest standards available. Excelsior Paints stockists are hereby provided with the very latest in local and international trends to stay abreast of consumer demands and maximise sales.


To market these high-quality paint products in a competitive retail environment, we are linked with a world-class marketing partner for the supply of top=quality point-of-sale marketing material in the form of fan decks, take-home colour chips, and colour cards on an attractive display stand for the retailer to allow the consumer to choose from.


This colour selection is known as the internationally recognised “Color Is” system, developed by the worldwide Color Guild (in association with Duha-Canada), of which Excelsior Paints is a member. The "Color Is" colour system comprises 1320 different colours to embrace all popular modern colour selections.

Colour Trends 2020

Colour Inspiration

Paint My House

Colour Visualiser

Digital Fan Deck

Our Commitment to Quality

Excelsior Paints is a family-based company in Johannesburg with a rich history. We proudly hold the esteemed position of being one of the oldest and premier paint manufacturers in South Africa. This stands as a testament to our longevity and excellence within the industry.

​As a South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA) member, our paint is made to international standards. It exceeds the standards required for many quality hallmarks awarded by standards authorities in different parts of the world. Our meticulous manufacturing processes reflect this commitment to quality assurance, where each product undergoes thorough scrutiny and testing. As a result, our customers can trust that our paints not only meet but consistently exceed expectations, providing superior and reliable solutions for their diverse painting needs.

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Dealer Guarantee 
& Merchandising

We understand that our product's acceptance in the marketplace largely depends on the support and merchandising undertaken by our dealers, who are the foundation for our present and future success. Our unique "Dealer Network Protection Plan" acknowledges this important relationship.

This special contract guarantees our stockists that we will not compete with our own network of dealers by selling Excelsior products directly to consumers.

It is our way of ensuring that Excelsior Paints dealers enjoy the exclusivity and benefits of selling South Africa’s leading range of independently manufactured paint products.


We have an extensive range 

of Industrial Primers & Topcoats

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