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Peeling Paint - Exterior Moisture

Peeling due to moisture can be distinguished from other causes by the large peeling sections that expose bare wood underneath. Unlike peeling due to adhesion problems, where peeling may be spotty, moisture-related peeling causes much larger areas to peel away, often around windows, doors, and gutters.

Possible Causes

o Moisture has infiltrated behind paint film due to failing or missing caulk, leaks in roof or wall systems, or being too close to the ground.
o Faulty guttering or missing ventilation has caused ice dams or water to back up.
o Paint was applied when the surface was wet from condensation or rain.

Repair and Prevention

o Ensure proper drainage of gutters and downspouts flowing away from home.
o Eliminate the source of moisture by installing exhaust fans, soffit vents, siding vents, louvers, fans, or dehumidifiers.
o Repair and replace missing or damaged caulk.
o Scrape away old peeling paint and feather-sand affected areas. Spot prime bare area. Caulk as required with appropriate caulking product. Repaint with a high-quality acrylic latex house paint.

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