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A high quality technologically advanced coating designed to reduce or eradicate rising and penetrating damp on brick or plastered surface interior or exterior using specialized acrylic resins and organic hydrophilic pigments . Also designed  for use on sound cement, concrete and brick substrates where maximum life-span of the top-coat is desired and elevated levels of moisture are present. Provides adhesion for subsequent top-coats and provides good opacity over most surfaces. This product can be overcoated with a variety of water-based emulsion coatings. For Best results remove all loose flaking material and old paint in poor condition, re-plaster first if the old plaster falls away, and then, only when the surface has been exposed for a period of time to let excess moisture evapourate (or 2 weeks for new plaster) can the Seal-o-Damp be applied. Can be used as a primer for new cement and gypsum board. Can also be used a moisture tolerant plaster primer for plaster with a low moisture content to speed up painting projects.

  • Should you be dissatisfied with this product, please return the paint for laboratory examination. Paint found to be faulty will be replaced.

Colour: White
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