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EnvirO2 Acrylic Sheen

EnvirO2 Acrylic Sheen

A ZERO ODOUR, ZERO VOC , high quality, fully washable, stain resistant sheen acrylic with excellent durability designed for interior and exterior use conforming to the ZERO VOC requirements of all international standards. This product is ideal for use on high traffic areas and exterior surfaces where a sheen finish is required. This product is designed to conform for projects where the Green Building Council of South Africa requirements need to be met to achieve Green Star status. Due to the unique zero odour properties of this paint it is perfect for use in areas for people with respiratory problems or allergies. It is ideal for the hospitality environment where the need to re-decorate and occupy the same room in a short time frame (same day) is possible.


Can be tinted using the Excelsior "Color Is" Tint System


This product has been tested in an independent laboratory using the ISO 13741-2 and the DAM 333 (ISO 13741-2) and has a TVOC of 633ppm. This conforms to a ZERO VOC coating. Test results available on request.

  • Should you be dissatisfied with this product, please return the paint for laboratory examination. Paint found to be faulty will be replaced.

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