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Care-4-Metal Aqua-Metalprime

Care-4-Metal Aqua-Metalprime

A superior water-based primer for use on mild steel surfaces with exceptional adhesion to properly degreased galvanized sheeting. It also contains anti-corrosive pigments to prevent rust. It can be top-coated with water-based emulsion paints and decorative enamel paints once cured properly (not to be top-coated with epoxy or automotive enamels). Highly recommended for lightly “keyed” PVC and plastic piping. Quick drying with excellent coverage. Excelsior Aqua-Metal primer can be used as a top-coat or final coat provided two full coats are applied at the correct minimum film thickness.

  • Should you be dissatisfied with this product, please return the paint for laboratory examination. Paint found to be faulty will be replaced.

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