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Care-4-Metal 3in1 Hammered Aluminium

Care-4-Metal 3in1 Hammered Aluminium

A fast drying hammered aluminium (touch dry in 30 minutes), suitable for application direct to properly cleaned mild steel. It gives an attractive hammered aluminium finish.


Two coats of Excelsior 3 in 1 are suitable for most applications and there is no primer or undercoat required. The product contains anti-corrosive pigments to provide improved corrosion protection compared to a conventional 3 coats system (i.e. one coat economical QD Red Oxide primer followed with two coats of normal QD Gloss enamel top-coat).


The product has excellent adhesion to steel and improved UV resistance compared to normal QD enamels. 

  • Should you be dissatisfied with this product, please return the paint for laboratory examination. Paint found to be faulty will be replaced.

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