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Aqua-Multi Surface Primer

Aqua-Multi Surface Primer

A high quality pigmented water-based primer with good hiding power and excellent adhesion to traditionally difficult substrates. This product is suitable for application as a primer for ceramic tiles, melamine, PVC plastic piping, anodized aluminium and old gloss enamel paints. It can be overcoated with a full range of Excelsior water-based products and the recommended Excelsior solvent-based top-coats (i.e. Premium Eggshell Enamel, Premium High Gloss Enamel and Premium Velvetgel Enamel). This product has a low VOC and it is easy to clean up painting equipment with water.

  • Should you be dissatisfied with this product, please return the paint for laboratory examination. Paint found to be faulty will be replaced.

Colour: White
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