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Excelsior Launches a New Clever Coating

Excelsior Paints is proud to launch the new Multi-Task Acrylic 6 in 1. This product has been formulated after extensive laboratory and field testing and is a “clever” coating that addresses the needs of the modern retailer, paint applicator and asset owner. For a long time there has been a growing call to create products that can provide multiple functions typically, needed by a variety of primers and sealers on a building project or site.

“We went into the market and visited several building sites and renovations where interior and exterior paint was being applied onto a variety of substrates, and in a myriad of different conditions, to hear from the applicators what they were looking for in a water-based wall coating, and what issues they experienced.

We the investigated the problems that retailers were having in selling water-based coatings and what they were looking for too. We also spoke to large corporate property asset owners about the problems they have and the maintenance of wall coatings, and the re-decorating or re-painting cycle and the costs involved. The final piece of the puzzle was to send “secret shoppers” into store to see how various wall coatings were being sold by retailers and floor staff, and to see what consumers are asking for?

What we discovered, is that there is a great demand for multi-functional coatings that can save time and money on application, at a cost that is affordable to the consumer in a very tough economy.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Excelsior Multi-Task Acrylic 6 in 1, this a first and final coat system with fibre to reinforce key properties of water-repellent and coating cohesion” Guy Lawson Managing Director of Excelsior paints quotes.

The Excelsior Multi-Task Acrylic 6 in 1 has various key properties that it can be used directly on cement plaster and acts as:

  1. A filler coat to smooth minor plaster imperfections

  2. A primer - direct application to cement plaster is possible

  3. A sealer - the fibre reinforcement allows this coating to seal surfaces with a high level of coating coherence

  4. An undercoat - there is no need for any additional undercoating and can be applied direct to many surfaces

  5. Waterproof - the specialised fibre and high resin content, along with the extremely tough yet flexible binder combination, contributes to water-proofing properties.

  6. Topcoat - serves as a high quality top-coat for interior and exterior wall surfaces with a minimum 7 year life expectancy

The Excelsior Multi-Task Acrylic 6 in 1 is also suitable to apply onto previously painted water-based wall surfaces too.

In conclusion, the retailer now has a unique product to offer the consumer and not have stock duplication or wasted floor space. The applicator can finish his job quicker and cheaper. The consumer can get a quality exterior coating at a price they can afford.

Excelsior paints will continue to strive to create and formulate clever coatings that fulfil the needs of the modern South African consumer at a cost they can afford.

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