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Say Hello to Spring

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

As we say goodbye to winter and welcome in the spring season it’s the perfect time to redecorate with a cheery palette of nature inspired colours. Get positive with a sunny palette inspired by spring bouquets; a duo of pinks combines with leafy greens and an earthy brown for a beautiful balance. Bring the splendour of spring indoors, and with our help in just a few easy steps you’ll have an effortless home transformation!


Uplifting and yet still relaxing, Mystic Tulip and Salmon Mousse are a perfect choice for bedrooms. Use as an accent colour to give your storage spaces a makeover, or in tonal combinations to give the illusion of more space and light within your interiors.


Green with its relationship to well being is growing in popularity as a kitchen colour. The soft yellow-green of Cactus Valley and Fire Dance feel both fresh and calming in the heart of the home. Combine with natural stone worktops, white cabinets and accents of grounding Dusty Path to complete the mood.


Picking the right colour for your bedroom can be daunting. If you’ve never considered the cosy and warm feeling that comes from a cocooning brown, perfect for relaxing after a long day, maybe now is a good time! With a sense of calm Dusty Path is the perfect brown to create a comforting colour scheme in your spaces. Pair with pale wood and white accents for a boutique hotel touch.


Bring a little springtime into your home with our carefully designed palette. Working in harmony, this collection of colours can be used confidently in any room in your home; experiment with foolproof tonal pinks or greens and see how they bring a pop of positive colour to your spaces. For finishing touches add plenty of indoor plants, simple accessories and light breezy window dressings and bring the sunshine in!

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