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Light & Dark

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Explore the beauty in darkness this month with our palette of simple but atmospheric colors. With a perfectly balanced group of deepest black, tinted black, true grey and clean white you’ll discover how to work a monochrome mood anywhere in your home. A light to dark tonal scheme can be surprisingly versatile; whether you’re looking to create the perfect calm corner or transform your whole space, this collection of gradient lights and darks has all the answers.


For a modern finish choose Silent Sea and Felicity. This is a monochrome pairing designed for impact anywhere from living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms. Light Felicity is a classic background colour, so choose contrasting paint for trims and doors in true black Silent Sea. Experience how this combination and simple outline technique opens up your spaces.


Grey is a great choice for bedrooms, and with our range of tinted greys a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. Ruggero Grey, Captain Nemo and Nomadic Travels work together in a gradient scheme to create a perfectly soothing interior with a subtle colour shift.


Painting your rooms in dark colour can be daunting at first, but to create that cosy snug of your dreams, our darkest shades of Silent Sea and Ruggero Grey are perfect. The subtle green undertone of Ruggero Grey blends beautifully with the true black of Silent Sea. Accessorise with linen textiles and velvet upholstered furniture to create a multi-textured and sensory space to relax.


Explore the versatility of this collection; from high contrast monochrome schemes to gentle tonal gradients. White opens up dark hallways and alcoves while the darker colours can be used as accents or to create cosy corners and contemplative work spaces for a serene retreat. Accessorise with modern ceramics, foliage and trend accent colour pieces in mustard, metallic copper and gold. Embrace the dark this month and transform your home!

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